Sa, 01.10. | 23:00

Cats see the world with different eyes. They’re loners and their behavior is sometimes disconcerting to outsiders. For instance when they swallow their own hair and regurgitate in the form of a ball. Eliezer is quite odd too: After his parents decide to sell the family home and spend the rest of their lives under the warm sun of Arizona, the young man moves to a van and transports things from A to B. One of these deliveries leads him into an in-between world completely separated from the rest of humanity: Anya and her friend Kyle hold wild parties in a basement and in their apartment a complex self-made sound installation interprets soul and jazz songs with live instruments. It all fascinates Eliezer and especially Anya, with whom he has a lot in common and one thing in particular: eating hair – a love, an obsession, that soon gets out of hand. With his first full feature-length film Xander Robin has managed to create a extraodinary ode to otherness that’s driven by Helene Smith and Patty Waters fantastic songs, this awesome ballad of disgust grooves right into your heart.

When and where?
Sa, 01.10. | 23:00 – Filmcasino
US 2016 | 78' Min | DCP
Language OF
Director Xander Robin
Cast Chelsea Lopez, Alice Frank, Carson Grant
Writer Xander Robin
Editing Xander Robin, Dustin Waldman
Cinematography Matt Clegg