Fr, 23.09. | after SADAKO VS. KAYAKO

All you have to do is say „Japanese monster movie“ and we all start cheering. But of course the Japanese grand-master of DIY tokusatu-madness, Minoru Kawaski (“The Calamari Wrestler”), takes the opportunity of complementing the exhilarating destructive orgies of Kaiju-movies with another element of similar value: professional Japanese wrestling! The story goes as follows: A horrible monster threatens Japan and only a disgraced fringe scientist, stuck in a crisis concerning the meaning of his life, with a preference for female cosplay knows what to do. He injects a special serum into the slaggy body of his assistant, which not only leads to the latter growing into a giant, but also changing his appearance to become Kota Ibushi, a professional Japanese wrestler, with a talent for various powerbombs and reverse frankensteiners. Cardboard houses crumble, toy tanks fly through the air and suddenly you remember, how wonderful it was to act through one absurd idea after another in one’s bedsit back in the old days. Minoru Kawaski’s movies are full of grace and beauty, so clear the ring for the greatest Otaku-gasm of the year!

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Fr, 23.09. | after SADAKO VS. KAYAKO – Filmcasino
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Daikaiju Mono
Japan 2016 | 93' Min | DCP
Language OmeU
Director Minoru Kawasaki
Cast Saki Akai, Bin Furuya, Shinzô Hotta
Writer Minoru Kawasaki, Takao Nakano
Cinematography Makoto Matsuo
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